The location of value is precisely controlled by CAM attached on drive axis, its simple structure makes setting easy The set position is permanent and is not offected by over-travel resulting from manual operation.

    20W HEATER is installed in actuator to protect any electric leakge from the moisture of motor and its various switches, which can be generated from condensated water by the variation of humidity and temperature.

    Cam activated troque switches are easily adjustable to provide over-load protection.

    Electric wiring of single phase, and proportional control, etc is standarized and well arranged.

    Each part and connecting moving parts are completely sealed with oring, which prolongs the safety and durability of actuator.(IP67)

    The location of valve is propotionally controlled thru various signal from controller of PLC or PROCESS COMPUTER, So the transfer of feedback signal is possible.

    Rolled steel wormgear on aluminlum bronze wormwheel self-locks to prevent valve back drive on controal signal or power fallure.

    Reversible motor installed in PCM-Series Actuator not only gives out high torque by powerful output but its safety is more reinforced with thermostat built inside.

    Powerful output torque of high efficiency and low noise is produced from the motor output that gives out thru two shift worm gear.

    The location of valve can be accurately found in the long distance by the indicator directly connected with the drive axis and the condition of Open/Close.

    When the power is failed, the direct drive handwheel shall be used for manual operation after switching by the spring engaged pull handle.

    Main drive shaft and adaptor are simply seperated, so that process can be possible in accordance with valve stem, from which various mounting of valve is easy & simple.


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