LR30K Series
The LR30K is a bench mounted, twin column materials testing system providing a complete solution for testing applications with capacities up to 30kN (6600lbf).

The machine is microprocessor controlled and is operated from the integral control console which has large, positive action membrane switches to allow tests to be quickly and easily performed. A large LCD display shows the test and set-up information in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish or Japanese.

The LR30K can be further complemented with our state of the art materials test and data analysis software NEXYGEN thanks to a built in RS232 interface, allowing full PC integration. The system is ideal for use in production, quality control, educational and research environments.

  • LRX(2.5kN maximum force).
  • LRX5K(5kN maximum force).
  • LR5K(5kN maximum force).
  • LR10K(10kN maximum force).
  • LR30K(30kN maximum force).
  • LR50K(50kN maximum force).
  • LR100K(100kN maximum force).
  • LR150K(150kN maximum force).
  • LR300K(300kN maximum force).
  • All systems capable of full load at full speed.
  • Multi-positional integral control console
  • Width between columns 620mm(LR150K), 600mm(LR300K), 400mm.
  • RS232, analogue output, extensometer inputs all fitted as standard.
  • Multlingual and multi-unit operation.
  • High performance, single column, bench mounted system.
  • Continuous cycling between extension and load limits.
  • Extension resolution better than 5 microns(0.2 thous).
  • Contacting and non-contacting extensometers.
  • Grips and Jigs for every application.
  • Splinter shields.
  • Environmental chambers.
  • High temperature furnaces.
  • Acoustic emission testing.
  • Data analysis software.
  • Customisable multi-stage testing or simple test to break.
  • Variable data capture rate during test.
  • No limit on maximum number of tests in a file.
  • Passwards-variable levels of access depending on user.
  • Comprehensive on-line help.
  • Robot control functions for automated testing.
  • Automatic gauge length measurement.
  • Libraries of test setups available.


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